Test our Raygun Zapier integration

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Zapier is a great product for connecting different services by their API’s. It makes it simple to connect up different services to automate your work flow. You’re probably a developer, so you’ll really appreciate how simple Zapier makes things!

For example, with Raygun Webhooks, you might listen for them and

  • Post error notifications to an RSS feed
  • Send a message to your chat service of choice
  • Send a notification to a service like PagerDuty

or, trigger literally thousands of other things. It makes connecting services together a breeze.

Zapier has a free trial, and we’re looking for Raygun users who want to try out our Zapier integration. Raygun is not currently in the main list, so you’ll need to use this link for trying it out:

Raygun Zapier Invite

Once we’ve had some good feedback we’ll look to get it promoted to the main integration list.

Let us know what you think!

At present we have a web hook for our error notifications (but batched, similar to our emails). We’d love to hear what you think of using Raygun & Zapier together. If you have any troubles please let us know!

Thank you!