Assign Applications to Teams

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Hot on the heels of last week’s release of organisation support for Raygun, this week we bring you the ability to assign applications to your teams. This means that only the applications that have been assigned to the teams that you are in will be available to you. This should make your application switching list much more manageable for those of you in large organisations with many applications.

When you go into the page for each team in your organisation you will now see down the bottom an area that allows you to manage the applications available to the team. You can see a list of the applications currently assigned to the team which allows you to remove them, and also a drop down containing the rest of the organisations applications which you can add to the team. Applications can be added to many teams which gives you some flexibility in how you choose to define your teams. The owners team will always have access to all of the organisations applications.

I hope you enjoy this new feature if you are using organisations within Raygun and if not stay tuned as there will be more enhancements coming for you non organisation users.

Happy error blasting!