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I’m pleased to announce a small addition to the log in and sign up process. You can now login with your Github, Twitter or Facebook accounts. We’ve also taken a moment to freshen up the login page a little.

Raygun login page

We’ve also done some work to make the process more friendly to mobile devices. We’re continuing to work on improving the mobile experience with different form factors.

If you’ve been thinking about signing up with Raygun this might just make it all that much easier. Enjoy!

We would absolutely recommend Raygun to any business which relies on healthy software to serve there customers. Andrew Schofield, Chief technology officer at Timely. Take a free 14 day trial. Request a short demo of Raygun.

2 Comments on “Sign up & log in with Github, Twitter and Facebook”

    1. traskjd

      Why yes, yes we are Phillip. It uses the World Domination oAuth library written by you. Good man, have some cake 🙂

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