View live requests to your site with Raygun Pulse

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Raygun Pulse, a new Real User Monitoring solution, features an impressive Live tab that allows you to monitor your site in real time.

Perfect for displaying as a dashboard on a TV, the geo map on the left will display pings when users visit your site from across the globe, as a circle indicating where they came from. Locations with more users will first get yellow then red symbols. This allows you to track at a glance which areas of the world are awake and using your web site or application.

To the right of the map are three modules which display user and session information in real time. The new vs. returning user metrics display an overview of the currently active users and whether they have been seen before or not. The live session count below it is a streaming line chart that updates quickly in response to users starting and ending sessions. The 24hr trend below it represents the same data over the last day, useful to see any unexpected usage when you arrive in at the office in the morning.

Above the Live Active Sessions modules are site metrics which also update in real time. These include the current user count, count of recent crashes over the last day, session count, median load times for all pages, and the health score of the entire site (a measure of performance at a glance).

Next down the page is the Most Recent Requests module. This updates every second and lists the latest actual requests to your site as they occur:

As you can see, each request shows pertinent data: when it happened, the page route (after wildcards have been applied), the user who triggered it, their location, and magnifying glass. That last one is key to inspecting requests as they happen, as it will send you to the current session for the user.

You get the data for the user who started the session, and a breadcrumb trail of all their page loads during that session. You can watch this as they continue to browse, so if you notice an interesting request happen, you can follow along and potentially reach out if they get into trouble – before they leave for good.

Get started with Pulse

You can easily get live data like the above for your own site by integrating Pulse Real User Monitoring now, which only takes a few minutes. It’s much more impressive with your own data, and we guarantee you’ll discover things you were unaware of. If you’ve got Raygun Crash Reporting simply log in and activate Pulse for one of your applications, or if you need an account you can start your free 14 day trial here – no credit card needed.

** UPDATE **

Real User Monitoring for Mobile Applications is here!  See the update here