Real User Monitoring For Mobile Applications Is Here

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Late last year we launched our Real User Monitoring service, which helps developers see exactly where issues occur in their production website.

It’s used by thousands of developers worldwide so they can pinpoint issues like:

  • page load speed
  • interactions with Ajax scripts
  • third party script issues 

The best part is that this information is user specific.

Previously, this tool was only available for web applications.

However, today, I’m excited to announce the open beta release of Real User Monitoring for mobile.

About Real User Monitoring (RUM) for mobile

Real User Monitoring for mobile comes packed with everything you need to monitor your mobile app users. The detailed and user-friendly dashboard gives you actionable insights into how they are engaging with your mobile applications, including:

Version, Device and Platform adoption over time:

Software crashes, including the impacted user information:

Detailed drill-down on every individual session:

(This includes views navigated, errors experienced and time spent on each view.)

Total engagement analytics:

Real User Monitoring for mobile platform support

Raygun Real User Monitoring for mobile beta launches with full platform support for iOS, Android, Xamarin iOS and Xamarin Android.

How to enable Real User Monitoring

You can enable Raygun RUM for mobile on any new or existing application in your Raygun account, as long as it has not already received RUM web data. This is because a Raygun application can only support web OR mobile data, so once you’ve sent data from one or the other, your Raygun app will use the appropriate RUM mode to present that data.

How to add Real User Monitoring for mobile to an existing application:
  1. Select an appropriate application and select the “Real User Monitoring” link in the side menu
How to add a new RUM application
  1. Click on the “+” symbol at the top of the header to add a new application
How to identifying your users

Regardless of what platform your app uses, we recommend specifying a user identifier where possible. This will make the user related data in RUM for mobile far more useful. The setup instructions for each platform will tell you how to do this.

We’d love to hear your feedback

As a beta tester for real user monitoring for mobile applications, we’d love to hear your feedback and suggestions to help us improve RUM for mobile. You can use the feedback link in the sidebar of the Raygun app, or visit the contact us page to be in direct contact with our team.

Ready to start understanding your mobile app users better?

To get started with real user monitoring for mobile, simply log into your Raygun account and follow the instructions from here or click on the button below. If your RUM trial has expired and you’d like to try out Raygun for mobile apps, get in touch and we’ll get you set up.