Raygun now integrates with Kato.im!

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For those who don’t know, Kato.im is a team chat service for organizations of any size with a flexible room layout, ability to be in multiple organizations at once and a powerful search feature. Kato supports text, voice and video chat and is a great way to connect with your colleagues and customers. My favourite aspect of Kato is their huge range of integrations including GitHub, Trello, Jenkins and Visual Studio Online to name a few. Integrating all the services that you use with Kato gives you a single place to monitor everything, which is far more convenient than constantly visiting each site, or filling your inbox with email notifications. If you aren’t using Kato yet, we recommend trying it out – sign up here.

Today we are pleased to announce integration between Raygun.io and Kato.im. What this means is you can now link an application in Raygun to a room in Kato.im so that you are notified when errors occur right in the chat room. Just like all our other notifications, you’ll only get messages for entirely new exceptions, resolved exceptions that reoccur or when exceptions continue to occur after 1, 5, 10 or 30 minutes after the first occurrence. This means if something goes wrong in your application and starts to send thousands of the same exception to Raygun, your chat room won’t get swamped with every exception instance. Each message also has links to your Raygun application and the error group so that you can jump straight to it if you need more information.

How to set it up

First, head on over to a room in your Kato.im account that you want to get Raygun messages. Click the spanner icon near the room name to bring up the Kato integrations list. Find Raygun and enable the integration. Then copy the Room ID displayed in the gray box at the bottom of the right hand side – you will need this soon.

Next, navigate to the application in Raygun that you want to integrate. Click “Application Settings” in the side bar, and then select “Plugins” that appears below it. Find Kato in the integrations list and you will see a description of what it does. Click the Setup tab, paste the Room ID and then hit “Next”.

Now you have the option to select a color for the messages sent to Kato from this application. This is useful to distinguish between messages if you have multiple Raygun applications pointing to the same Kato room. Finally, check the enabled box and save changes. To make sure everything has been setup correctly, you can press “Send test message” to post a test message to the Kato room.

Now you’re all set for error notifications:

We hope you find this useful for monitoring your applications health right from inside the Kato rooms you know and love.

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