Raygun now integrates with BugHerd

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Good news Raygunners! As you may have already spotted, the Raygun + BugHerd integration is now live and available inside your Raygun account. BugHerd allows you to capture client feedback, resolve issues and manage projects visually.

This is particularly useful when working with clients or users who are not technical, because they can simply point and click to report issues and give feedback on any part of the application or website that needs attention.

To set this integration up, go to your Raygun.io dashboard, and navigate to an application that you want to integrate with BugHerd. In the side menu on the left, click “Application Settings” and then “Plugins” that appears below it.

This will display a list of our current integrations where you can then select BugHerd. Click the Setup tab, and then enter your BugHerd API Token. This can be found by going to your BugHerd account, clicking the ‘Settings’ option in the top menu and then ‘General Settings’. After you’ve entered the API Token in Raygun and hit next, select a project, enable the integration and save.