Sidekiq support arrives in Raygun4Ruby

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Good news everyone! Well, everyone who uses Ruby & Sidekiq!

I’m pleased to announce that Raygun now supports both Sidekiq 2.x and Sidekiq 3+.

Hold up, what is Sidekiq?

If you’re a Ruby/Rails developer, you’ll find Sidekiq (to use their own words) provides simple, efficient background processing for Ruby. It’s great for all sorts of background tasks and we’ve had more than a few Raygun customers asking for us to formally support it.

Getting integrated

Firstly either install Raygun4Ruby or if you already use Raygun4Ruby, update your existing gem.

gem update raygun4ruby

Once you’ve installed Raygun4Ruby, it’s super easy to start reporting exceptions from Sidekiq into Raygun.

Just add the following in your Raygun initializer (config/initializers/raygun.rb):

require 'raygun/sidekiq'

You’re done! Exceptions generated by your workers will now be reported directly to Raygun so you can fix them quickly. It couldn’t be easier 🙂

Please give it a try and let us know how you find it. As with all our providers, Raygun4Ruby is open source on GitHub so you can take a peek at the code yourself if you’re that way inclined.

Ready to come on board?

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