Raygun4iOS updates

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Here are a couple of nice updates to the Raygun4iOS provider to end the week.

You can download the new Raygun4iOS v1.2.1 binary here, or if you installed it using the CocoaPods package manager, update it by running

pod update

Application version

Like all our other providers, Raygun4iOS will now automatically gather and send the application version with each error report. The reason why this is good news is that you’ll now be able to filter your iOS errors in Raygun.io by your application versions. This can be done using the version filter box displayed above the list of error groups.

Play nicely with other PLCrashReporters

Raygun4iOS uses the fantastic PLCrashReporter framework to get the error data. The previous version of Raygun4iOS however did not work well in apps that referenced other frameworks that also used PLCrashReporter. So for the current version of Raygun4iOS, we prefix the PLCrashReporter framework so that it can work side by side with other PLCrashReporter based frameworks in the same app.

Get native iOS error reporting now

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