Python error tracking comes to Raygun

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In our unrelenting march to support every popular language and framework in use today, I’m pleased to announce that our Raygun module for Python has hit version 1.0! This brings first-class Python error tracking support, which is now available with

All software has bugs – a mark of a good developer is one who recognizes this fact, and chooses to deal with it proactively. Without having data on how your application is performing, discovering errors becomes your user’s problem, and then you have to start investigating the cause, a tough job without the right information. Our Raygun for Python error provider solves this problem by sending all errors automatically, where you can view them using the powerful dashboard.

Python error tracking for 2.6 and 2.7

Today’s 1.0 release of our Python provider brings first-class error tracking to the Python ecosystem. We’re currently targeting the popular Python 2.6 and 2.7 versions. Many features have been added, here’s a just a few:

  • Send HTTP request data if you’re in a web app environment
  • New logging handler support means less boilerplate code
  • New module name

That last one’s a breaking change, so if you’re upgrading watch out for that one.

Easy Python error tracking with logging support

The error handler that we’ve added cuts the time it takes to add Raygun support to your Python project. The source code available at the raygun4py GitHub repository includes a sample which shows you exactly how to use it.

The built-in Python logging framework is a great way to monitor your app’s health, and now, in addition to console and file logging, you can automatically send all errors and exceptions to Raygun.

We’d love your feedback

As always, Raygun has a 30-day free trial so you can plug it in to your application right away, no credit card needed. Sign up for the free trial here, and when you do we’d love to hear about your experiences in Python error tracking with Raygun.

Like this Python provider, or want to see another language we don’t currently feature? Let us know! Until then, happy blasting!