Announcement: Limited access to Raygun API

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Today marks a new era for Raygun. With the closed launch of the Raygun API Beta, you’ll be able to use the powerful metrics surfaced in Raygun in exciting new ways. This is our first step towards being API first, so watch for future developments.

At Raygun, we pride ourselves on delivering invaluable customer-centric insights into the health of your software. By monitoring and improving these metrics, thousands of development teams have improved the quality of their software and delivered superior digital experiences for their users.

Built from the ground up, our modern API will open up new and exciting ways to access and leverage Raygun’s powerful digital experience insights, giving you more control over how and where your data is manipulated, processed, and displayed.

What’s new?

Today, we begin our API-first journey by introducing three new endpoints:

1. Get all applications: This returns a list of all your applications along with key account information such as Application Name, ID, Products Enabled, and individual API Keys. This is great for auditing and managing applications at a glance and capturing key account info across all of your applications, teams, and users.

  "identifier": "string",
  "planIdentifier": "string",
  "name": "string",
  "apiKey": "string",
  "hasSentCrashData": true,
  "hasSentApmData": true,
  "hasSentRumData": true

2. Get application by ID: All applications have a unique identifier. You can use this identifier to query the same fields as above, but for a single application only. This could be used to easily detect any apiKey changes or Raygun product usage.

3. Get plans: This will return a list of Plan IDs associated with your Personal Access Token (PAT). Customers who have multiple plans across different departments and/or teams will have the ability to quickly determine what plan(s) data this token has access to.

  "identifier": "string"

These three new endpoints make managing, auditing, reporting, and overseeing your Raygun account(s) and applications quick and easy. They also open the door for other useful account management endpoints to manage and access users, applications, and settings. Read on to learn more and have your say in what we’re working on next.

How to get set up

Getting started with the Raygun API is simple and set-up will only take a few minutes. The new Raygun API is currently only available for select enterprise-level customers but will be made more widely available in the coming months. If you would like early access, you can express your interest here.

Create your Personal Access Token (PAT):

If you’re an enterprise customer, you can now create a Personal Access Token (PAT) to securely access the new API endpoints, offering exciting new levels of flexibility and customization. You’ll find PATs under ‘My Settings’ in the top-nav of your Raygun application. See the video below to view the full setup process.

Please refer to the documentation for full instructions on how to create and use Personal Access Tokens.

Entering an API-first era

Today’s release is a significant first step, but it’s just the beginning. As we invest in and expand on our API functionality, we’d love to hear your thoughts and ideas on what we should build in the future.

Based on many conversations with our customers, we’ve shortlisted the following API use cases and welcome you to vote for your favorite and/or add new ideas for consideration.

  • Account management: Create applications, add or remove users, bulk invite new users, update permissions, view and manage usage, change account settings, etc.
  • Alerting: Bulk create new alerts, update alert thresholds, create and delete alerts, etc.
  • Customers: Funnel real customer experience data into CSM tools to deliver world-class support.
  • Errors: Receive errors and crash reports and pull them straight into issue response and task management tools, slice and dice the data, report on it etc.
  • Core Web Vitals: Monitor and improve Core Web Vitals based on real user data. Report on CWV for each application and generate regular reports.

To vote on what you’d like to see next, please fill out this form. We hope you find this new direction as exciting as we do, and we’re looking forward to seeing the unique and interesting ways that you’ll leverage our powerful dataset.

Join us for Founder & Friends – Introducing our API

If you are interested in taking a peek behind the curtain, then don’t miss Raygun CEO John-Daniel (JD) and Principal Engineer Sean Chapman in our next episode of Founder & Friends. You’ll have the opportunity to ask them anything, see a live demo, and learn what this means for the future of Raygun.

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