Raygun Public API

Raygun's public API is currently only available to Enterprise customers. Please contact us for plan upgrades to enable API access.

Raygun's public API allows you to access your Raygun data so that you can display, manipulate and process it in other tools, scripts and applications.

Following the OpenAPI standard, you can see the full specification here and a list of scopes below.

Access to the API is managed via Personal Access Tokens.

note: Every user on your plan can create personal access tokens for the applications they have access to. Should you want to disable this feature until more granular permissions are available please get in touch.

Currently, the following endpoints and scopes are available:

Name Description Scope required
Get all applications Returns a list of all Applications for the plan and the user which the token belongs to applications:read
Get application by ID Returns Application details by ID, if it exists and the token provides access to the Application applications:read
Get Plans Returns the Plan(s) which the token belongs to <Not Applicable>

We are always extending our offering of endpoints and scopes. You can make a request for your most needed API endpoints here.

Raygun's public API is our v3 version. While we transition previous versions the Reporting API and RUM API will remain available.

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