Raygun API Beta is now open to everyone

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We’re excited to announce the official Beta launch of the Raygun API, allowing you to extract, manipulate, and visualize insights from your account in innovative ways. This is included with all Raygun plans, and is now readily available to customers of all sizes.

We’ve made the decision to release this Beta sooner than anticipated, as we’re eager to receive your early feedback to make sure we’re focussing on the endpoints that provide the most value to your team and business. We look forward to you trying it and sharing your thoughts.

For detailed instructions on how to get started with the API, please visit the closed beta launch blog, or reach out to our team at support@raygun.com.

What’s available?

For now, we’ve started with the basics, laying a powerful foundation for the API moving forward. This launch comes with an essential first batch of endpoints, such as application audits and regenerating API keys. To see a full list of available endpoints, you can visit the documentation.

We’re working towards offering unprecedented flexibility and control over your Raygun experience, allowing for programmatic access to a number of vital features, enabling customers to automate and optimize their workflows to meet the unique needs of their business. These endpoints will be regularly expanded, so keep an eye out for any updates.

The future of the Raygun API

Today marks the beginning of a new era for Raygun and our customers. The current functionality of the API is just the beginning, and the possibilities for the future are truly endless.

With our next update, customers will have the ability to create and delete Raygun applications through our API. This will allow customers to automate the creation and deletion of apps as part of their workflow. Whether it’s creating new apps within your development process or deleting apps during deployments or testing cycles, this new feature will give customers even more control over their Raygun experience.

As we continue to develop and expand the API, customers will have access to an ever-growing array of powerful features and capabilities. In the future, you will be able to extract error and performance diagnostics in real-time, quickly identify and resolve errors before they impact your customers, and much more, all through the power of the Raygun API.

In short, the launch of the Raygun API marks the start of an exciting journey, and we can’t wait to see what the future holds. We’re committed to continuing to build the API, providing customers with the tools they need to take their business to the next level.

Footnote: We are committed to providing the best version of our API, and have done rigorous tests to evaluate its security, ensuring it can’t be compromised. That being said, the API is still currently in beta, so there is a possibility of occasional slowdowns or availability issues.