Our surprise: Improving outsourced software quality

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When you build a new product you do so with an idea of who your target audience is. With Raygun we generally expected the typical developer/operations folks who care about the quality of the systems they’re delivering.

What has surprised us since launching is another enthusiastic audience: organisations who outsource software development.

Why would these companies, who aren’t directly developing software, want Raygun? It gives them insight into the code quality of the delivered software. It’s relatively easy to miss bugs in any new system — it’s normal and it’s why software developers themselves ship code with bugs by accident.

We now have several organisations requiring that their development partners use Raygun. It helps them field test the software and gives a clear insight into errors happening the wild. This in turn helps ensure that the software being delivered is of a high quality level.

It’s also great for those 3rd party development partners. They can see errors coming in from their customers — including stack traces and other error information — so that they can fix bugs before their customer even has time to file a bug (that’s a lot better than a screenshot of an error message pasted into a Word document!).

Likewise we are seeing development services companies who are at the top of their game actively rolling out Raygun on all projects. It helps them ensure a higher quality bar for delivered work and that translates directly into happier customers and less risk of cost overruns at the end of the project.

It is exciting seeing all the different ways that Raygun is helping improve software quality. For end users, developers and organisations everywhere, quality goes up when using Raygun that makes the whole team here at Mindscape feel great!

If you’re ready to improve the quality of your software either start a free trial or get in touch to discuss how Raygun can improve your software quality.