Our Favourite New Crash Reporting Features from 2015

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We’ve added enough features to fill a blog. Which it has. To save you the time of browsing. Here is a list of our favourite new features from 2015.

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Using OAuth For More Secure JIRA Integrations

Deployment Tracking Arrives In Raygun!

Speed Up Your Error Blasting With Our New and Improved Error Details Page

BONUS. We added some minor enhancements and features in December. Get on it.

10 new Raygun features: #8 Better iOS error grouping

10 new Raygun features: #7 Source content support

10 new Raygun features: #6 Assign error groups to users/teams

10 new Raygun features: #5 Fast error group selection

10 new Raygun features: #3 Export users to CSV

10 new Raygun features : #2 Instant bulk deletes

10 new Raygun features: #1 Search forum & feature requests