How to speed up your website by 350%

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**It makes sense to speed up your website. **Users expect your page to load in 2 seconds or less, and that’s a whopping 78% of site visitors who could be having a poor user experience. It’s not just assets we should be focusing on for improving overall website speed, it’s the entire design process. Here are the top tips on how to speed up your website easily:

  • Google PageSpeed Insights 
  • Web Page Test Tools 
  • Google Mobile-Friendly Test for measuring how well your Web pages are optimized for mobile devices
  • Which loads faster: yours or your competitors site? Aim to be the fastest and you’ll already have an advantage


We can sometimes be guilty of creating nifty graphics and complex design at the sacrifice of page load speed, so don’t forget about the user experience elements. It’s all about control. The more in control a user feels, the happier they will be! When you need a fast loading, good-looking yet functional website implement these tips to impress even the toughest of clients. What are your tips for speeding up your website? Let us know in the comments!