Connecting HipChat With Raygun Through The Atlassian Marketplace

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Atlassian’s Marketplace now includes HipChat, so we’ve implemented a new way to create and manage your HipChat + Raygun integration.

As Raygun is one of Atlassian’s launch partners for the new HipChat API, this integration is fresh out of the box, and takes advantage of the latest innovations from the HipChat team.

We’ve supported HipChat for a long time here at Raygun, but have now made it even easier to get set up and have error and crash notifications from your web and mobile apps sent immediately to your team’s HipChat room.

If you didn’t know already, HipChat is a hosted chat program built for teams, helping collaboration with its simple but powerful platform. Raygun and HipChat work in harmony and keep everyone on your team informed of crashes and errors in your software applications, right within your team chat.

Atlassian Marketplace

Raygun has now been added as an add-on within the Atlassian Marketplace. To add Raygun to your HipChat rooms and receive automatic notifications, simply click Get it now on the marketplace page for Raygun located here and then follow these steps.

  1. Hit ‘Install’ on the pop up which appears. You will then be taken to the configuration section, this may ask you to log in if you are not currently logged into Raygun.
  2. After logging in you can select the applications on the left that you wish to receive notifications for and on the right you can select the room that notifications will be posted to.
  3. After choosing which applications and rooms to enable, simply click Save at the bottom.
  4. That’s it, you’re done! Error notifications will start being posted to the HipChat rooms you have specified.

If you need to update which applications you wish to get notifications from, simply access the integrations panel from the Group Admin Dashboard on HipChat and choose ‘Configure’ in the menu beside the Raygun integration. This will bring you back to the configuration page where you can enable other applications and change the rooms.

We’re really pleased to be able to bring this new HipChat API integration to you so quickly and be part of the Atlassian Marketplace launch for HipChat. We hope it makes setting up Raygun with your team’s HipChat account incredibly simple.

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