Improved Filtering Is Here!

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The eagle eyed amongst you will have noticed a small update recently, that allows for much improved filtering of error groups. This means you now have even more functionality to get to the root cause of the problems occurring in your web and mobile applications.

Your team is now able to filter errors on version, tags as well as the existing time option by clicking on the filter button now present on the right hand side of your Raygun dashboard.

Filters and tags

When you need to drill down into your errors and get a narrower view of problems, clicking the filter button gives you the option to select and create criteria in which to filter error groups, with an auto-complete text box to find your filter value rather than a drop down list. If you have lots of versions it’s a lot easier to navigate. 

Criteria for groups

Now you’ll only see errors that meet the criteria you have set to filter on.

You can just as easily remove these filters too and go back to a broader view of your application’s health. If you need to also filter on time periods this remains in the same way you have previously been able to, by clicking on the bar chart beneath the trend graph and selecting the time period you want to filter on.

Just another small but powerful feature we’ve shipped recently that should ensure you blast those software errors and save heaps of time!

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3 Comments on “Improved Filtering Is Here!”

  1. Edgar Villegas


    Great feature, this was really needed, now tags make sense. Filtering by tag, when the tag is a simple word works ok. But, when I put a url in the tag (well, we need that in our app), and try to filter it, it doesn’t work, it still returns all the resultset. Please take a look at this.

    Once again, thanks for this feature, it’s very helpful.

    1. Nick Harley

      It could be that if you are using a ‘ : ‘ in your urls, it’ll break it right now, but this should be fixed when we roll out some changes very shortly. Glad you like the feature and find it helpful.

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