New all-in-one notifications page

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Today we’ve added a unified notifications page where you can conveniently manage all your notifications in one easy-to-find place. Simply click on your user button in the top right corner and select My Notifications from the drop down. This page is also linked from your user settings and individual application settings pages too.

The notifications page has a couple of options at the top followed by a list of per-app options for each of your applications:

The Notify on error option is so that you can receive an email for the first time that a totally new error occurs, or when a resolved error reoccurs.The Notify on repeating error option is for if you want to receive follow up emails of errors that continue to occur shortly after the first sighting. These emails will tell you if the rate of the error occurrences is increasing or decreasing.Last of all, Daily digest should be ticked if you want the application to be included in your daily error report emails. Once you’ve made any changes, make sure to hit one of the save buttons.

If you are using the organizations feature and add an application to a team, all the team members who are seeing this app for the first time will get an email linking to their notifications screen so that they can easily set their preferences.

We hope you find this centralized notifications page a great way to manage all your email options.

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