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The latest new addition to is support for Mozilla Persona. Mozilla Persona is a decentralised authentication system for the web based on the open BrowserID protocol. Next time you see the login screen you may notice the new orange icon in the bottom right hand corner. Use this button to authenticate using the Persona system.

login screen

Third party authentication mechanisms are nothing new for as we have previously added support for login and sign up with Twitter, Github, Facebook and Google. What makes Persona different is its decentralised nature, allowing you to choose who vouches for your identity.

As a developer I would also encourage you to add Mozilla Persona to your own site. Mozilla provides a quick start guide which is simple to follow, it is much easier to implement than OAuth and can be done in an afternoon. You can follow the Github repository to see how things are progressing. There are also some presentations given by Fran├žois Marier on Persona.

Next time you need to log into give Persona a shot. If you don’t have an account with us, sign up now using Persona and get a free 30 day trial.

We would absolutely recommend Raygun to any business which relies on healthy software to serve there customers. Andrew Schofield, Chief technology officer at Timely. Take a free 14 day trial. Request a short demo of Raygun.

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