Better manage your connected plans, users and organizations

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In-between the raft of new updates the Raygun team has released recently we’ve been working to improve the way users manage their teams, organizations and plans to make things a lot less confusing.

Today we’ve released updates to the screens you’ll see inside your Raygun account settings.

You’ll see that this page shows your main user settings, where you can manage things like your account details, email address, password, general settings and notifications. All of the plans you are connected to will be visible on the right hand sidebar too.

Clicking on the plan on the right allows you to manage the settings of the plan itself. Here you’ll be able to upgrade/downgrade your account plan, alter billing settings and also mange your team members to administrate who has visibility to your applications.

If you need to, you can also convert your plan to be managed as an organization rather than by an individual. You could always do this with Raygun previously, but we’ve made the process of doing so a lot less confusing. This allows you to rename a plan, using the name of your company for example to manage billing and invoicing for your organization.

Converting to an organization is a one way operation, but does allow you to manage users and billing for a company wide account more easily. Another useful feature is the ability to add a billing CC email address, which will deliver invoices to that person in addition to your main billing address.

From these pages you can create teams (or groups of people) to view different applications. By default you will already have two teams, but can add more if you wish to. Owners are effectively administrators and can manage permissions. Users are your team members, and can be given access to applications of your choosing. Create a team on the above page and then click on the team’s name to add users into that team.

From this page you’ll be able to choose the applications the team have visibility for from the left hand drop-down, and also add new members using the invite feature on the right hand side.

Need to add someone to your team? No problem. Need to remove a certain individual? That’s easy too. Need to show selected apps to selected people? It’s all possible with Raygun!

We hope that gives a good overview of these recent improvements to Raygun and is a great addition for you and your team.

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