Live error dashboards, keyboard navigation and more!

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I wanted to share some exciting Raygun improvements with you. We’ve been busy and I’m sure you’ll love some of these improvements.

Live dashboard

You can now make your dashboard live update! This is great for our customers who leave Raygun up on a big screen and want to keep an eye on what’s happening. The chart and list of error groups will update automatically when enabled.

To activate the live version, turn it on as an app setting:

Live intelligence

So you’re being a great developer and smashing those bugs. You don’t want to have the live dashboard changing as your clicking around the interface!

As soon as you check a box next to an item, the updates stop. Have no fear, if other users are making changes we’ll tell you about it:

I think that’s pretty useful.

Keyboard navigation

On the error group page you can now use your arrow keys to jump between error instances. Try it out – use the left and right arrow keys.

Along with this we have increased the speed on paging through instances considerably. One of our many rules: Always make it faster.

Editable error group names

By default, when Raygun groups errors, it uses the Message property of the first error it encounters. Sometimes this is confusing. Or it’s just too long. Or complicated.

Now, from the error group page, you can edit the title. This will be reflected throughout the app – on the dashboard, on the group and in future notification emails.

It’s as easy as that – just click the pencil icon next to the error group heading.

Chrome app store

If you use Google Chrome and want to have Raygun on your new tab view, you can now add it so you can jump into Raygun faster. Also, you get a cool Raygun on your new tab window – always good!

You can get the extension here. If you’re a fan of Raygun, we’d also love a review!

Delete teams

When we first delivered organisation & team support we ommitted a small but useful feature: the ability to delete a team. Now owners of organisations can remove teams. I didn’t say every feature was exciting, but this one will certainly help folks out!

Rails grouping is smarter

And finally, we’ve made some improvements to our code for grouping errors sent by the Rails error provider. This helps ensure that errors are not grouped together when they are different. It did not happen often, but we now include more fields in computing the uniqueness of an error group.

What’s next?

There’s plenty more coming, and I’d love to have your votes or new suggestions on our feature request site.

Happy blasting!