JIRA Issue Type Selection Now Available

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Raygun has had integration with JIRA for a while now, allowing you to link Raygun errors through to existing tasks or to create new tasks inside of your JIRA instance. Although this integration worked great for most people, some of our users have customised their JIRA instance and either removed the task issue type that we previously defaulted to, or simply wanted to use a different issue type from within JIRA.

We have now added the ability to select a type of JIRA issue to be created when configuring the JIRA integration within Raygun. Setting up the integration remains straight forward. First up you need to plug in the URL, username and password of the JIRA instance you wish to integrate with. From there we pull back the list of projects from that instance along with the available issue types for that project. So now you can easily select both the project and the issue type to create when creating new issues in JIRA from within Raygun.

We hope you find this addition useful and helps keep your projects organized. Not a Raygun user already? Join thousands of developers who work smarter with Raygun, the best way to manage errors and crashes in your applications. Try a 14 day free trial today.