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  1. Pure Krome

    Question 🙂 Can you provide stats as to people signing up with a U/P vs using GH/FB/TW .. and if so .. stats on those (percentages of course .. not real numbers).

    or even 1st place, 2nd place, 3rd place, 4th place..



    1. traskjd

      Hi Justin,

      #1 = Github
      #2 = Facebook
      #3 = Twitter

      Facebook & Twitter are close, but Github is way out in front 🙂

      I hope that helps!

  2. Dominick Soar

    Hello Mr Author (traskjd?)

    Interesting post and thanks for sharing your findings.

    Noticed a couple of key differences to what you said the changes to the title were and what’s depicted in the screenshots.

    Did you use “sign up” at all in the titles or were the tested versions the exact ones you show in the images?

    Intrigued as to what the differences in performance are between “create your account” and “start your free trial” (when appended with both the “in seconds” or “in under 1 minute” variations) – seems like that part of the title may make a difference too? In which case you may need to run some further tests…



    1. traskjd

      Hi Dominick,

      The pictures are exactly what was shown to the users 🙂 Certainly you’re right that it may need further testing.

      I hope that helps!

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