Heads up! – Raygun4Net 4.0 coming soon

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Very soon we will be releasing version 4.0 of the Raygun4Net provider! If you are using Raygun in an MVC or WebApi project, then there is an important change that you need to be aware of: MVC and WebApi support is being moved into their own NuGet packages. This is to resolve some referencing issues that a few customers have come across.

What does this mean for you?

If you are using Raygun in an MVC or WebApi project, please uninstall the existing Raygun4Net package, and then install the Raygun4Net.Mvc or Raygun4Net.WebApi package as appropriate. These NuGet packages are available right now. Once you’ve installed the new package, you’ll be able to use Raygun4Net in the exact same way as before.

The MVC and WebAPI packages also include all the features of the existing Raygun4Net package such being able to manually send errors. The MVC and WebApi packages can even be installed into the same project if you need support for both of these.

Release date for V4 of the Raygun4Net package

Version 4.0 of the standard Raygun4Net NuGet package will be released on Monday the 27th of October. This is to give MVC and WebApi devs a chance to switch to the new packages before the MVC and WebApi support is no longer part of the standard Raygun4Net package. The standard Raygun4Net package is what you want for non-MVC or non-WebApi projects such as WPF, ASP .NET, Windows Phone, Windows Store, WinRT and Xamarin.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask in the comments below.

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