Filter all the things! – Including by Hostname

| 2 min. (225 words)

When we added enhanced error filtering earlier this month to filter your errors by Operating System and by Browser, we were already working on even more filtering goodness. This time the ability to filter errors by Hostname.

Enabling this for our customers means that you’ll now be able to narrow down errors that are affecting specific users or specific environments a lot more easily.

Alongside the other filtering options you’ll see a new one to filter by Host. By clicking the filter button on the right hand side of your Raygun dashboard, you’ll be able to enter Host details in the dialog and find specific issues faster.

Note – Host details will start to be collected with your errors now that this feature is live, so it may take some time to fill up with information to filter on.

We hope you find this filter useful whilst hunting down those hard to find errors in your applications. Be sure to give this one a try and let us know what you think! We’re hard at work on some exciting and innovative new features that we think you’re going to love – better get back to it!

Not a Raygun user yet? That’s ok, we have a free trial which should be plenty of time to discover a better way to manage errors in your applications.