Even easier upgrading!

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Here at Raygun we believe that it should be easy for you to upgrade and downgrade your Raygun plans whenever you feel like. Need some more applications, or extra features, no problem. Unfortunately up till now this has been a bit more painful than it should be. You had to enter your credit card details again even if you wanted to use the same card. No longer! Starting from today you can now upgrade and downgrade your personal user or organisation plans without the need to re-enter all of your billing details. This may not be the most exciting feature update we have had, but hopefully it will make your lives easier while using Raygun. You can now begin the process by viewing your settings, which is accessible from the menu in the top left corner.

From here you can select to “Change Plan”

Now simply choose a new plan that is more to your liking

Finally confirm that this is the change, and boom, your done and back off to save the colonists.

If you have a Raygun account, you can test drive this now and if you don’t have a Raygun account, create one today and try this out for yourselves!