These Two Error Groups Were Merged – You Won’t Believe What Happened Next

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Before merging your error groups

Make sure you are using the latest version of your Raygun language provider: Running your application on an outdated version means you won’t get all the benefits of the best grouping logic Raygun has to offer. Each time Raygun adds an updated version we include many edge cases from the billions of data points we collect.

You can follow the instructions to check that you are using the latest version of the Raygun language provider/s.

The merging feature

UPDATE December 2014 – You can now merge up to 100 error groups at a time!

The option to merge multiple similar error groups to make a single group is now available using the group list control in your Raygun error dashboard. Once merged, the hashes associated with the two original groups point to the new unified group.

You can find the Merge function by selecting several error groups. Selecting a single group displays the normal status change control. For example:

 Selecting two groups displays a merge option

Once you’ve selected the groups you want to merge, you can choose which group should be merged and which group should stay.

Once complete, your list will refresh showing one error group instead of two or more. Simple error notifications can be yours!

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