Easy Fogbugz error tracking with Raygun

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I’m very pleased to announced that Raygun now has first-class support for the Fogbugz bug tracker!

This gives you and your team a complete error reporting and tracking workflow that’s as pain-free as possible. When a user generates an error in your application it is automatically reported to Raygun, where you can view detailed data about it. But with the new Fogbugz integration, a couple more clicks and a new case is created for the issue!

Got an error that’s related to a case that already exists? It’s just as easy to link an error to a specific case.

Fix errors fast with your team’s bug tracker

Your entire team is then alerted to the error. It can then be discussed, passed to the correct developer or set to resolved as usual. This is amazingly powerful – within seconds of a user encountering a bug, you can have it placed in your issue tracker, ready to be worked on. The created case has a link back to Raygun, where the stack trace, request details, environment data and more are waiting, making diagnosing the fault a cinch.

At Raygun, we’re passionate about helping developers craft better software by alerting them to code issues, the minute they occur. With Raygun and Fogbugz error tracking integration, the entire team has knowledge of the issue, leading to faster fixes and a better outcome for the users.

Give it a try today – if you have a Raygun account, you’ll find the Plugins menu under Application Settings. Check out the screencast below for a step-by-step guide on how to integrate Fogbugz into your Raygun dashboard-

As you can see, the hard work has been done for you! Enter your Fogbugz URL and your credentials, then find an error you want to add to your Fogbugz project. Look in the upper-right corner for the button with the Fogbugz logo, select ‘create’ or ‘link’, and you’re done.

If you don’t have a Raygun account, there’s a 30-day free trial available now – no credit card needed. Start blasting and squashing bugs now with Raygun and Fogbugz!