Brand-new Raygun documentation

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Good documentation is valuable for any piece of software, but especially so for a dev-focused SaaS like Raygun. Today brings a fresh update to the Raygun docs resources with a dedicated documentation site. The new docs site sports full-text, AutoComplete-enabled search, which we hope will help you locate the info you need fast.

Once in a category, click on the ‘View this’ button to collapse the other sections within the category – for instance, to hide the node.js section while viewing iOS.

Currently it contains a large amount of the provider documentation that was available via their GitHub repositories or their introductory language page, in addition to search, webhooks and source maps information.

We’ll be centralizing the Raygun info that was strewn around the place and fleshing it out in the coming weeks and months. The aim is to have this being the central resource to go to when you need help, with the forums and the Feedback feature as a back-up when you’d like help from the team.

We’ll be adding to this over the coming week and in the future, as we continue to implement valuable features to the core service and the providers as requested by you. If there’s a particular guide or topic you’d like to see added, let us know in the comments below.

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