Challenges of Working Within Remote Web Development Teams

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Outsourcing web development and design or working in separate remote teams of IT specialists is trending in the world to an immense extent.

Even though at first sight such a model of employment looks modern and convenient, remote IT teams are confronted with miscommunications, misunderstandings, uncompleted tasks, unresolved bugs etc, both within themselves and communicating with clients. All these lead to unproductive work, unfavourable results, angry colleagues and unsatisfied clients.

Here are some of the challenges encountered with remote teams, brought to you in this guest post by Raygun Error Monitoring and the team at TrackDuck.

Long distances, time zones, different working hours and language barriers between you

Working remotely means that you’re separated by distance, cities or countries, therefore meeting each other to work together live is complicated, or sometimes even impossible for you. Similarly, differences in time zones do not allow you to communicate and work at the same time, even online. Also, you might have more than one job, therefore meeting colleagues online is difficult. As a result, it’s complicated and inconvenient to communicate, clarify things as often as it might be necessary and then to really understand each other completely.

To conclude