Calling all Android developers – join the beta for our new Android provider!

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Big news – Android support is coming to Raygun! We’ve been steadily ticking off the major platforms in use today, and after creating great providers for use with web platforms like ASP.NET, Ruby, and Node.js we’re bringing the power of Raygun to mobile. Joining our existing Windows Phone and Xamarin providers will soon be a dedicated Android provider, lovingly crafted in Java and ready for use in demanding mobile applications.

It’s been built with the unique environment mobile apps have in mind, and we’re sure it’s going to make your job a whole lot easier when debugging your apps, as they are being used by your customers. The provider will shortly enter private beta – if you’re the adventurous sort and have an Android app we’d love for you to take it for a spin.

Here’s an overview of the features to expect in the beta and the eventual 1.0 release:

  • Support for Android 2.3.1 (API 9) and greater
  • Automatic uncaught exception handler available for ease of use
  • Messages sent asynchronously via a background service – and are guaranteed to be sent if your app crashes
  • Full Android hardware environment data displayed in the dashboard – including architecture, memory, display dimensions and more
  • Maven project for easy dependency management (JARs will also be available for Ant/manual builds)
  • Fast install & configuration – API key configuration in your app’s AndroidManifest, and two lines of code:

After adding the above two lines to your app, all uncaught exceptions will be automatically delivered to Raygun! You can also manually send by calling RaygunClient.Send(), for instance in catch blocks.

If you’re interested, send us an email and we’ll be in touch – alternatively you can click on the Feedback link in the Raygun dashboard’s side bar. Any questions about the provider or the private beta post them in the comments below. Hope to hear from you soon!