Blowing away the MS Dev Show with the awesomeness of Raygun!

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MS Dev Show

Recently Raygun’s co-founder and CEO John-Daniel Trask was a guest on the awesome MS Dev Show with hosts Carl and Jason discussing a range of topics including:

  • Raygun (obviously)
  • How Google Chrome will prevent your monitors from sleeping
  • Office “Touch” for Windows
  • Cloud Platform Roadmap
  • Date and time formatting for humans
  • Raspberry Pi 2

Not only is this generally a great listen for all developers, if you’re wondering how Raygun can benefit your business, save you time and improve your software quality, this episode gives a great overview of how Raygun can help you achieve that.

Listen to this episode

We think Carl and Jason are doing a great job with the show and encourage you to subscribe to the MS Dev Show for a weekly hit of developer related news and guest interviews.

We would absolutely recommend Raygun to any business which relies on healthy software to serve there customers. Andrew Schofield, Chief technology officer at Timely. Take a free 14 day trial. Request a short demo of Raygun.

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