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Well hello there Blog-o-sphere, and welcome to my first Raygun blog post! I thought I’d use this to give you a bit of background info about me so that you can all suss out this strange new face on the Raygun team.

So I’m Jordan, a new recruit to the team for this summer via the Summer of Tech IT internship programme in Wellington. Summer of Tech is an internship programme that helps students who are studying or interested in building or improving their coding, design or other IT skills in preparation for a big finale networking event with companies in Wellington followed by a crazy session of speed interviews to see who makes the final cut. Mindscape has been involved in this internship programme for a number of years now, and a high percentage of their interns are still here (and happy being here) today, which I’m taking as a very good sign!

So what’s my background?  I was born and bred in Somerset in the UK, the home of farmers and cider, and moved out to New Zealand just for fun with my family. Having been out here for some time now, I am currently in my third year of studying Psychology at Victoria University and studied Computer Science for one of those years, and I’ll be writing more about why I love this combination of psych and coding in later blog posts. Before coming to the Raygun team I was studying and working from home for Psoda, a local company providing cloud based portfolio, programme and project management software, having been their Artificial Intelligence intern for Summer of Tech 2013.

I am really excited to be joining the team over the summer months, and not just because they have a great office and team vibe, although these are very important factors! I’m excited because I’ll be working with a very intelligent bunch of people working on a product that helps make other people’s jobs easier. I’ll also be learning about and working with new development environments, languages and processes among numerous other things in the team that will definitely keep me out of trouble this summer.