App integration just got better – try it out!

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Getting started with any product is typically a challenge. Developer products especially so given their technical nature. We’ve received a lot of the feedback provided to date and made a big round of improvements to the getting started flow for Raygun to help out.

We already knew the existing app integration page wasn’t ideal. In fact it was pretty confusing:

Having to go to GitHub and find a library, or click off to another page telling you how to use Nuget to get a .NET package, was not very friendly or intuitive. We spent a lot of time thinking about how to best support getting started. Our goals were:

  • A junior developer should be able to complete Raygun integration
  • Give language specific guidance, not generic guidance
  • The developer should not need to leave the page to learn how to integrate Raygun
  • It should be clear that integration will only take a couple of minutes
  • Developers should have their Raygun API key available on the page so they don’t have to find it

We think we’ve hit these goals

  • Your API key is shown and included in the code snippets so you can copy and paste the relevant code/configuration.
  • Switching language/platform is as easy as clicking on the language logo on the side – it changes the guidance to be specific for that language.
  • Always offer more assistance. If you’re having trouble, we’re always available to help out.

If you have an account but have not started sending data to Raygun, give the new flow a try now. Or if you’ve not yet used Raygun, sign up for the free trial and start getting better information about how your software is running.

Like everything, we’re constantly working to improve all aspects of Raygun. I’d love to hear your feedback on the new process and hope that we can make it even easier and faster for you to have Raygun providing application insights!

Happy blasting!