Announcing Trello integration with Raygun

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I’m pleased to report that Raygun has a new plugin! Trello integration is now live and ready for use. Like many of the other plugins, this allows you to link a Raygun error with a card in Trello with a couple of clicks. This alerts your team to the error, and places a link on the card allowing them to view the stack trace instantly!

Fast team workflow

Trello, by Fog Creek Software, has an intuitive card-based visual metaphor, and is a great way to collaborate with your colleagues on projects. The card metaphor is increasingly becoming a preferred way to present content in easily digestible chunks – Twitter’s doing it, among many others. Integrating Raygun with Trello allows you to bring important errors to your team’s attention, where they can be discussed and passed to the right person. The link to Raygun allows your colleagues to check out the request data, environment data, stack trace and more with a single click – no need to fire up the debugger or head into the console.

Easy to set up

If you’ve got a Raygun account, linking it with Trello takes seconds. Visit the Application Settings -> Plugins page, then click the Trello button. After entering your credentials, you can pick a board that your chosen application will post to (apps can have their own, or all posting to one). You can then go back to the dashboard, and drilling down on an error will give you a new Trello button in the upper-right corner. Clicking this will give you the option of creating a new card, or associating the issue with an existing card. Done!

A fuller set of instructions is available here – you can also check out the other plugins built in to Raygun for many other popular services.

Get started now

Got a Raygun account? Log in now and take the new Trello integration for a test drive! Or maybe you’ve got a Trello account and you’d like to see what all the fuss is about with Raygun? A 30-day free trial is available here (no credit card needed), so get to it. You can log in with heaps of popular web accounts like GitHub, Google, Twitter, Facebook and more. Happy error blasting!