A bevy of improvements: updated charts, error filtering + sorting, new app switcher!

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If you’ve been keeping a keen eye on Raygun you may have noticed we released a massive update to the front end over the weekend! Dozens of small tweaks went into the update, but we’re most pleased at the release of several key features that we think you’ll love. The new interactive chart and filtering behavior makes it a whole lot easier to narrow down on when an error occurred, and sorting allows you to view the exact error group you want.

Raygun updates

Interactive chart with time filtering

This is an absolute blast to use. You might have noticed that we refreshed the chart visual style a couple of weeks back – this update extends that by completely overhauling its behavior. Most striking is the new mini bar chart on the main dashboard – yes, this is an overview of every error that has occurred in your plan retention window! By default the main line chart is set to display the last seven days as usual. Giving the mini bar chart a click will enable a time explorer control, which will update the main chart (you can zoom in on a time range using the handles – and try holding down alt). But that feature’s not just cosmetic…

Error group filtering & sorting

When you click on the mini chart, the time range that has been selected will also be used to update the list of errors below the chart. You can zoom in to errors that occurred months ago easily! You’ll also find the column headers are clickable – this toggles sorting on the column in ascending or descending order.

New app switcher & header bar

This is perhaps the most obvious change – clicking on the app selector button will now pop out a drawer of your apps. This is slated to become an easy and powerful feature, so stay tuned.

Organization accounts and their associated users will also note the new drop-down in the header bar – this gives you a quick way to modify your organization/team settings, and to add a new app to your organization. If you’re viewing an organization app, the breadcrumb signifies that the app belongs to that organization, and has extra settings & permissions that personal apps don’t.

Robbie’s got something to say

Over the next while you’ll start to notice Robbie’s friendly head popping up about the place with advice and help text – we hope to rectify common points of confusion with these messages. We’d love to hear about how you find these.

Watch a video demo of the updates

Here’s a one-minute overview of the changes:

Check out the changes now

If you’re a seasoned Raygun user, log in to Raygun now and take the upgraded Raygun for a test drive. We hope you’ll like how easy the chart, filtering and sorting functionality makes it to explore your data. New to Raygun? There’s a 14-day free trial ready for you to sign up now (no credit card needed). We support a bunch of popular web accounts like Google, GitHub, Twitter and Facebook so it’s painless to get started. Like the new features, or maybe you have a suggestion? Let us know in the comments. Until next time!