5 Awesome Email Newsletters For Web Developers

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The sheer amount of content, tutorials and reading material available to online can be overwhelming at times. Here we’ve hand picked our favourite email newsletters for web developers to keep on top of the latest industry news, trends and innovations.

1. The Raygun Newsletter

Naturally, the number one email newsletter web developers should sign up to, Raygun’s monthly email brings you awesome tips and tricks to make the most out of the best error tracking software for web developers. The newsletter also includes interesting posts and articles for a variety of languages and platforms that Raygun supports, including Javascript, ASP.NET, PHP, iOS, Android, Ruby and more!

2. Javascript Weekly

A free, once–weekly e-mail round-up of JavaScript news and articles. Each Friday the latest javascript relate news is delivered to subscribers. Curated by Dr. Axel Rauschmayer and Peter Cooper

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3. Web Development Reading List

Anselm Hanneman‘s project is an attempt to filter and concatenate all the web development links that pop up every single day. The Web Development Reading List aims to filter those links for you so you stay up to date about the latest technologies and techniques but don’t need to read every link you find in the wild.

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4. Smashing Magazine

Smashing Magazine’s primary goal is to deliver quality content for the web development and design community. Their newsletter covers a wide range of web development subjects, with useful tips and valuable resources, sent out every second Tuesday.

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5. Hacker Newsletter

A weekly newsletter of the best articles on startups, technology, programming, and more. All links are curated by hand from the famous Hacker News site

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