10 new Raygun features: #10 Self-hosted HipChat support

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Wow, it’s Christmas eve and we are on the last day of our 10 New Raygun Features In 10 Days campaign.

A big shout out to Neil from Canada and Dario from Italy, who brought this issue to our attention. While we were chatting to them recently about what they would do to improve Crash Reporting, they told us we needed to support the self-hosted version of HipChat.

We thought this would make things a lot easier for you folks out there and decided to challenge Daniel to make it happen and now this feature has been shipped!


This feature is good news for anyone self-hosting HipChat, because Raygun can now send messages to your instance.

Self hosted HipChat support for Raygun

We hope you’ve enjoyed following the Raygun product updates for the last 10 days and that they have been helpful to you and your organisation.

The Raygun team is off for a couple of weeks and coming back in early January 2016 to work on some of your biggest feature requests.  For now, we’d like to wish everyone a very safe and merry Christmas, see you in the next year!

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