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Temporarily suspend monitoring or automatically set items as ignored for a period of time

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During certain maintenance or release activities we find that a number of errors are raised that we know can be ignored, the problem is that the errors come through thick and fast and by the end of the release we find that we have hundreds of errors that we need to manually mark as ignored.

It would be good to be able to specify in Raygun that errors raised for a certain application can be ignored during a certain time period



Posted on
Sep 09 2015

We run vulnerability scans that result in a disproportionate number of errors. This actually makes the volume graph at the top of our dashboard unusable because they dwarf our normal error rates.



Zheng Li

Posted on
Aug 04 2016

Hi Daniel and BP,

We've just released a new feature for Crash Reporting called “Filtering”, which might help you with temporarily ignoring certain errors during the maintenance stage of your applications.

With Filtering, you can now create criteria to ignore errors coming from a specific IP address, machine name, or created by a specific version. To make things simple, we’ve also included a quick list of the most requested filters for specific providers that you can simply toggle on and off as needed. With this feature, you can stop worrying about errors that you don’t care about going against your company’s cap.

You can add or delete the filters at any time.

Filtering is a new feature available to all plans. Simply follow the instructions in our blog to get set up: https://raygun.com/blog/2016/08/feature-release-inbound-filters/

Please give it a try and let us know what you think :)


Zheng from Raygun