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Show assignee person in error view

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We have small team and we are all working on the same product. It would be nice to see who is investigating which error in the table view where errors are listed (Crash reporting / Active). We found that its possible to assign errors to persons, but we cannot see that information from the table layout. Also we cannot mark those as resolved, until the bug fix has been shipped to production, otherwise Raygun keep alerting that those issues are still occurring. We would need some way to mark the issues that has been gone through / are in progress by somebody.

BR Havunen



Posted on
Feb 16 2019

I very much would like to see this feature added in the list view & when an error is reported to Slack (or another destination). We're a larger team with about 8 groups, at times it's hard to know which group is owning which error & sometimes one thinks another owns it.

If we knew an error was already owned when posted in slack, we'd be better able to respond to new events. Currently, we perform a bit of a scramble for every posted error (Who owns this? What's its impact? is it critical? What's it status? etc). Clearly owned errors will help direct discussions to the appropriate owner & allow the team to only respond critically to unowned errors.