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Group by Regular Expression

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Sometimes the error message will have information that is always different (e.g. System.IO to a file whose name is a generated ID). It would be nice if we could configure raygun to automatically group Errors whose Message are not exactly the same, but whose regular expression respect a pattern. e.g.

Old: Message: "System.IO.Exception reading file 20141455.xml"
New: Message: "System.IO.Exception reading file [0-9]{8}.xml"



Posted on
Aug 30 2016

Hi there,

Thank you for your feature request. Error groups are based on the stack trace and not the message. Although there is an option to group by error message, this is not recommended, because it can lead to excessive error groups.

For your use case, you can group error groups by using the 'customGroupingKey'. This will override the automatic grouping and errors with the same key will be grouped together. You can read more on how to use the 'customGroupingKey' in our documentation here: https://raygun.com/docs/languages/javascript#customerrorgrouping

Another recommendation would be to update the version of your hasher for optimal error grouping. You can read more about the different provider hashers and versions here: https://raygun.com/docs/hashers

At the moment, we're not looking at being able to group errors based on regex due to its unbounded nature: http://stackstatus.net/post/147710624694/outage-postmortem-july-20-2016

Thanks again for this feature request.

Kind regards,