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Single Page Application support in the Performance tab of Pulse

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My feature request is for a Performance Page designed specifically for SPAs or web services.

I want to know which services are being called the most and which services are the slowest. I want to be able to see a time line with a bar chart of the number of service requests. I want to be able to see relative load combing the time to return with the number of calls. So if one service is fast but is called 100s of times a second, it might be a good candidate for caching. While another service is slow and takes tens of seconds to return, is a good candidate for optimisation.

Kind of like www.jetprofiler.com does for MySQL queries, I'd like Pulse to do for web services.

PageView Events was added early to Pulse but not a lot else for Single Page Applications. However from digging into the data pushed up, it looks like pretty much everything is logged. And the Performance Page is designed for traditional server rendered pages with a splattering of AJAX rather than a full SPA where almost everything is sent and received via services.

Also AJAX request count seems buggy. We have page views that measure in the 1000s while AJAX requests are in the low 100s. We know our SPA is probably too chatty and makes about 5+ service requests per page view and we want to start improving this, unfortunately Pulse hasn't been able to help with this so far.

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