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Feature Request

Warnings vs Errors (and suppressing notifications for warnings)

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I would love the ability to categorize exceptions into Errors and Warnings and control notifications separately for them.

My use case:

Some errors are only important if they repeat or are happening to a user in a chronic manner. These "errors" should not interrupt my team with an email or pagerduty alert.

Example: File uploads that are cancelled/timeout. In isolation errors like this are probably someone's notebook or phone going out of WiFi/Mobile service and the request dropping. However, if the frequency is high, it might mean that we need to reach out and/or investigate if our code has an issue or needs to be enhanced.

Implementation suggestion:

I would be OK with simply setting a property on the exception (similar to custom data) as it is being logged to categorize it as a "Warning". Then, in the RayGun UI, I would like to be able to independently configure email notifications for warnings and possibly view them in a different "tab" within RayGun's UI (but the extra tab is not as important as the notification separation).

Alternative implementation suggestion:

I would be happy with any mechanism that allowed me to control notifications for errors that I log based on rules. A rule editor that simply said "suppress notifications for any exception matching this RegEx pattern" would also solve my problem.

Our current workaround:

Today, we simply wrap the exception and concatenate the word "WARNING:" to the front of our warnings so that when the notification comes through, we can ignore it.

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