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Link from "Crash Reporting" errors to user profile

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When viewing errors in "Crash Reporting", it will be nice to have a link (in Summary -> Affected User) directly to the affected user profile so that we can view what the user did that led up to the error.

What we have do now is a rather convoluted process of: copy the UUID (or affected user id) in the crash, go to "Users", search for UUID/id, click on user name. This process can be simplified with a simple link from the error page back to the user profile.



John-Daniel Trask

Posted on
Jan 19 2017


Just letting you know, we now show the session for a given user as part of the crash report! You need to have Pulse and Crash Reporting for this to work, but it will work seamlessly.

It will show:

  • The user information.
  • The device & browser information.
  • The navigation flow around the error (with the ability to click through to the full navigation flows if desired).

You can read about this feature here: https://raygun.com/blog/2016/10/feature-release-pulse-real-user-monitoring-session-inside-raygun-crash-reporting/

I hope that helps!

John-Daniel Trask