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I would really like to add Raygun as what StatusPage.io calls a "third party component", so that Raygun's operational status (showing downtime, etc.) appears in my app's status alongside other third party APIs. See the bottom of the page at https://www.statuspage.io/tour for more information. The quote here sums it up pretty well: "Our business relies heavily on GitHub being up. Being able to automatically display GitHub's status on our [status] page makes communicating with our customers that much easier."

This request not only benefits Raygun customers, but Raygun itself since Raygun does not appear to have a status page used to communicate status (downtime, etc.). It's easy to overlook the need for a status page until something goes wrong (as we did).

Importantly, Raygun can probably implement this in just a couple of hours, so this is really low-hanging fruit.

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