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[Test Connection] button when configuring integration details

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I've run into a spot of trouble setting up Jira integration and it strikes me that I wouldn't have so much trouble if there was a simple way to test the configuration details when they are being added.

Many apps will have a [Test Connection] button on the screen where the integration details are being entered and that button provides the dear end user with an easy way to confirm the details entered are correct.

Currently I am flying blind.

I put the Jira details in the plugin settings page, save. All good. Go to an error report, click on Jira, Link to task, .....

So did Nothing happen because the integration doesn't work? Because I got the URL incorrect? Because the user credentials don't work? Because the user credentials don't have enough permissions?

Note that this suggestion isn't JUST a Jira thing, this would be useful for all plugins, SMTP settings, etc ...

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