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More Granular Email Notification Control

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I would like more granular control of my email notifications, particularly the interactions notification. In our context, I don't need to know when someone resolves an error or ignores an error, but I need to know when someone assigns an error to me. We moved to this solution to lower how many emails we get from errors, but now I get emails for every error interaction: almost as many as before.



Posted on
Aug 25 2016


Thank you for your feature request. Having more control over which notifications you'd like to receive - including only being notified when an error is assigned to you - is something we'd like to work on in the next quarter.

We'll keep you updated!

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Guy Sartorelli

Posted on
Oct 20 2021

Upvoted. Greater granularity particularly around how often notifications are sent would be great. For example we might want a notification the first time an error occurs each week (where "week" is an example, but ideally this could be configured to be any time period) instead of just the first time it occurs and the first time it regresses.