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Better geo breakdown - to country, state and city levels

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Zheng Li

Request from multiple customers:

"The ability to see performance by geo. We have issues at work where we are told it's slow but when we try its fast, in a region. i.e China, so we want to collect data of users in regions, and sub regions, etc to know what the performance is like so we can better focus improvements."



Posted on
Jul 02 2016

Any idea on when this feature will be developed?



Posted on
Aug 25 2016


We'll be working on this feature shortly. We first need to do some performance work before it goes into production. We'll keep you updated!

Kind regards,



Leon Funnell

Posted on
Feb 20 2018

Agreed - need granular breakdown of cities, especially within China! This is also a limitation with the other product we use, and if yours could do this it might be a reason to consider it as an alternative. Currently I am evaluating your tool and without this capability it's not any better.

Ideally, I would like to be able to set page load time SLAs, then when they are breached we should be able to drill down to the individual sessions which have breached the SLA and see their full session details, waterfall, URLs accessed, etc.



Deleted User

Posted on
Dec 04 2019

Hi All,

Just an update on this feature request. We currently allow you to filter by 'City' in Real User Monitoring, using the filter bar at the top of the page. You can filter across all tabs in RUM (except the live tab), to view data that conforms to the filter/s.

I would recommend using city filters on the performance tab in RUM, to understand the median, average, P90 and P99 load time for a particular city. You can also filter on state level, using the state filter.

Note, filters are generated based on the data that you've sent to Raygun. Therefore, you won't be able to filter on a particular city or state if you haven't had any user sessions from that area.

This is not to say that we won't update the Geo tab in RUM to provide city-level drill down in future. However, given this feature isn't on the immediate roadmap, I thought I would share this workaround.

Hopefully this helps.


Product Manager, Raygun