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Feature Request

Ability to track Tab instances on sessions

Current Status:

Will not add




Phillip Haydon

In theory, it should be possible to partially track tab instances by using window.sessionStorage

It would be super handy to know how users of our application are using our application by being able to see if a session is currently active via multiple tabs. In addition knowing if the tab is active or not.

Food for thought.


Glenn Morton

Posted on
Dec 28 2015

This would be super handy to help inform UX decisions.



Posted on
Aug 30 2016

Hi there,

Thank you for this feature request. When users view your site using multiple tabs, all their page views will be logged in a session. Currently, there is no UI indication to show you the user is viewing your site on multiple tabs.

We'll update you if we start looking into this as an upcoming feature.

If anyone has any further suggestions or feedback, post it below! Thank you c:

Kind regards,